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Resting ECG «ArMaSoft-12-Cardio»

Description of goods

Program module for resting ECG analysis «ArMaSoft-12-Cardio»

Program module for resting ECG analysis «ArMaSoft-12-Cardio» is designed for registration and automatic analysis of 12 standard ECG leads.

«ArMaSoft-12-Cardio» can be used both with Wireless or Portable ECG recorders EWR-01 or EPR-01 or with any of ECG machines manufactured by Monitor LTD.

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  • Registration of standard 12 ECG leads and storing ECG signals to the memory on PC;
  • Viewing ECG waves on PC monitor;
  • Managing ECG data archives;
  • Formation of averaged P-QRS-T complexes;
  • P duration, PQ-interval, QRS duration (ms), ST segment offset (mm), QT-interval (ms);
  • All basic ECG parameters;
  • Syndromal interpretation of pathological deviations of ECG with preliminary diagnosis (averaged  P-QRS-T complexes);
  • Heart rhythm diagnostics based on analysis of three simultaneous ECG leads with preliminary diagnosis;
  • Print report (patient examination protocol).

When using the “ArMaSoft-12-Cardio” software module for rest-ECG analysis on PC, it provides the opportunity to simultaneously register high quality 12 leads ECG.

Automatic measurements and calculations of all general ECG parameters. Automatic interpretation by rhythm or contour. 

Main options of automatic analysis:

  • Contour analysis (more than 250 conclusions on all types of ECG changes)
  • Heart rhythm diagnosis (more than 200 conclusions)
  • ECG dynamics evaluation (comparison of 4 studies)

Extra options of automatic analysis:

  • Analytic operation mode (you can choose random complex for automatic interpretation which allows you to get an accurate interpretation even if there is a strong heart rhythm disorder).
  • Calculating of the left ventricular mass index (LVMI g/m2 of the body surface).
  • QT interval dispersion (QTd) measurement.
  • «Thrombolysis» program (new!)  – quantification of the possibility of the acute myocardial ischemia
  • Program analysis of heart rate variability in the spectral and temporal field.

Main features of the software

Images - «ArMaSoft-12-Cardio»

ECG monitoring window

It allows you to control the quality of the ECG signal before and during recording. It is used to select the recording mode and fast operating (switching filters on / off, changing the gain and sweep speed, marking events).

Urgent recording mode - allows you to register an ECG without entering the patient's personal data.

Automatic - a record with a duration of 10 or 40 seconds is formed.

Manual - random recording duration (up to 1 hour). The system provides the possibility of conducting a respiratory test and other medical procedures during recording.

Images - «ArMaSoft-12-Cardio»

Averaged QRS complexes window

The formation of averaged complexes provides high measurement accuracy. Syndromal interpretation is performed by the program on averaged QRS-complexes.

Images - «ArMaSoft-12-Cardio»

Rhythm analysis window

Rhythm analysis is performed on a 40-second recording of leads II, V2, V5. Any of the analyzed leads is available for viewing.

“Thrombolysis” Software

The Thrombolysis program is a software module included in the ArMaSoft software.

The Thrombolysis program is designed to quantify the likelihood of acute myocardial ischemia. The term "acute myocardial ischemia" defines such conditions as acute coronary syndrome and acute myocardial infarction.

The objective need for a method of assessing the likelihood of developing these conditions is determined by the fact that approximately 30 percent of patients with developing acute myocardial infarction in the first hours and even days may not have reliable signs of acute myocardial infarction.

The algorithm for determining the likelihood of developing acute myocardial ischemia is based on years of research by Dr. Selker's group. Dr. Selker’s study was performed on 10,000 patients and is rated worldwide as a “Type A” study (top reliability rating). The algorithm is based on a combination with different weights of such signs as gender, age, presence and classification of pain, signs of an electrocardiogram.

With an estimated probability of developing acute myocardial ischemia, 50 percent or more of a patient should be treated as well as with a reliable acute myocardial infarction (in particular, thrombolytic therapy should be used).

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