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Modern ECG-Machines and Monitors

Research-and-production Company Monitor LTD produces medical equipment for more than 16 years. All our products are tested in the leading hospitals; scientific, research and medical institutes of Russia. The range of our products includes: Monitor MITAR 01 – “R-D”, ECG Machines EC3T-01-“R-D” and EC12T-01-“R-D”, spirometer SMP 21/01 – “R-D”, stress test system based on ECG Machine EC12T, PC-Based ECG systems, different kinds of software. 
Monitor MITAR 01 – “R-D” is intended to control the following physiological parameters: ECG, HR, SpO2, Pleth, NIBP, CO2, Cg, BR, T, Resp, IBP.


  • user-friendly interface;
  • built in thermal printer;
  • possibility of connection of remote color display;
  • easily fits on a standard hospital bed-rail;
  • ergonomic hand grip and soft touch buttons;
  • compact and portable design;
  • high accuracy and reliability;
  • display organization prioritized by parameter.

Except monitor MITAR 01 – “R-D” Monitor LTD also produces ECG-Machines: EC3T-01-“R-D” and EC12T-01-“R-D”. 
The main advantages of EC3T-01-“R-D” and EC12T-01-“R-D”:

  • Graphic LCD display allows to watch ECG;
  • Arrhythmia mode allows to save paper;
  • RR-gram registration allows to watch the heart rate changing;
  • Registration ECG in pharmacological probe mode allows to compare the ECG until and after probes.

ECG-Machines EC3T-01-“R-D” and EC12T-01-“R-D” have possibility to register 6 ECG channels along the paper and 12 channels across the paper, what provides to look through all ECG channels. 

Monitor LTD produces stress test system based on ECG Machine EC12T. It equipped with software “Streess-12-Cardio” which can be used with different types of bicycle ergometers and treadmills. The system provides the automatic control of bicycle ergometer or treadmill according to the set protocol. There is a manual mode of set or cancel the working load capacity which allows to use the ergometers without electronic control. The program contains the library of standard testing protocols and allows creating an individual working load protocols for each patient. Availability of database. 

Spirometer SMP 21/01 – “R-D” measures and calculates 26 parameters of pulmonary ventilation on expiration and inspiration. 


  • lightweight and easy –to-use;
  • designed for clinical and office use;
  • provides four tests of expiration and inspiration;
  • graphics and results of measurements are indicated on the LCD graphic display;
  • graphics and results of measurements can be printed on printer using USB interface;
  • automatic calculation of patient’s norms, forming a preliminary conclusion;
  • storage of up to 30 tests in nonvolatile memory.