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MONITOR LTD is preparing to participate in international medical exhibition MEDICAL FAIR THAILAND 2017

MONITOR LTD will participate in 8th International Exhibition on Hospital, Diagnostic, Pharmaceutical, Medical & Rehabilitation Equipment & Supplies MEDICAL FAIR THAILAND 2017on 6-8 of September 2017 in Bangkok.

Visitors will be able to see the products of MONITOR LTD, which for the first time on the market will present a new development of the company: system of personal remote monitoring of the patient SPDM 01 RD with cardioregistrator wearable KRN 01, designed for continuous daily monitoring of the patient's ECG and providing continuous 24-hour recording and storage of ECG along two or three bipolar leads or standard 12 leads and cardioregistrator portable KRP 01, designed for continuous operation during the measurement and transmission of 12 ECG leads through the USB channel to a personal computer for the purpose of viewing, processing and archiving the ECG measurements, both in the clinic and at home.

We invite you to visit the Collective Booth of Russian Federation № 4D04.