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About us

Developing and manufacturing of medical equipment  since 1992!

Our Company was founded on February 14, 1992 with the group of well qualified professionals of defense industry of Russia having a huge experience in developing of technical devices of avian and space medicine.

Our activities:

Developing and manufacturing of the diagnostic medical equipment.

Our activity is the production of diagnostic patient monitors, 1/3 and 3/6 channel ECG machines and graphic spirometers. There are many thousands medical devices produced by our company in use all over the world: on the whole territory of Russia, in Europe, Asia and Latin America.

All our products are tested in the leading hospitals; scientific, research and medical institutes of Russia.

Our company has an a certificate of quality management system in accordance with  ISO 13485:2003 for the following scope: Design, development, manufacture, maintenance, sales and distribution of patient monitoring equipment, ECG equipment and spiromerets.

Our company has close relations with different American and European suppliers. Using parts directly from the leading world manufacturers we produce highly reliable products. The best achievements of world science and the most up-to-date components are used in our devices.