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ECG machine EC12T 01 RD with 3,6,12 channels display

Электрокардиограф ЭК12Т-01-
Электрокардиограф ЭК12Т-01-
Электрокардиограф ЭК12Т-01-
Электрокардиограф ЭК12Т-01-
Электрокардиограф ЭК12Т-01-
Провода для электрокардиографа ЭК12Т-01-
Электрокардиограф ЭК12Т-01-

Description of goods

ECG machine EC12T 01 RD with 3,6,12 channels display

Description of goods

ECG is designed for ECG examination according to standard procedures of the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation.


  • in the departments of functional diagnostics, cardiology and intensive care hospitals;
  • in ambulances with GSM wireless ECG transmission to the remote cardio station;
  • in private medical practice.
  • Basic functions
  • Technical characteristics
  • Certifications
  • Request a price list
  • Additional products
  • Comments
  • ECG Machine provides patient’s ECG measurement in the system of twelve common used leads, Cabrera and Frank leads, Nebh 3 leads;
  • LCD display allows watching 3,6 or 12 ECG leads simultaneously and print them in the same scale on thermal printer;
  • Arrhythmia mode allows to save paper; 
  • “ECG Analysis” Mode;
  • Automatic analysis of ECG in the base set and the ability to contour analysis (271 ECG results, option);
  • Automatic printing start after all ECG electrodes are attached to a patient, the addition rate mode;
  • -Possibility of simultaneous printing 12 leads and protocol of examination on the external laser printer on A4 paper;
  • The ability to check the ECG cable as part of ECG machine;
  • Sampling mode (periodicals), observation time up to 3 hours, the print range from 1 to 90 min;
  • Possibility of simultaneous and sequential ECG recording;
  • Possibility to measure ECG manually with any number of electrodes;
  • The ability to quickly control the device by 14 keys of direct action;
  • Rhythm recording mode or one of three leads allows you to monitor changes in heart rate;
  • Analysis of the rhythm; rhythmogram, histograms and scattergrams;
  • The ability to work in the complex to conduct stress tests (optional);
  • Presence of internal memory for 500 ECG results with the further possibility of printing;
  • Possibility to work with children (optional);
  • Combined alphanumeric and functional membrane keyboard;
  • The presence of knob simplifies the work of the device;
  • Adjustment of all parameters for each user (10 user-defined profiles);
  • The ability to connect an external memory, an external keyboard and laser printer for simultaneous printing 12-lead ECG and examination report on A4 paper
  • ECG transmission via GSM to a central console (optional);
  • Access to the PC via COM, BLUETOOTH or USB-port;
  • Possibility to use roll-paper and Z-fold paper, width of paper 110 mm;
  • Printing average (or typical) cardiocomplexes with labels;
  • The ability to detect pacemaker signals and protection from defibrillation.

Device can be supplied in English, Russian or Turkish version. Please, contact us if you need other language interface;

  • Paper size-110 mm, paper type: roll or Z-fold; 
  • Display size – 116x88 mm, 640x480 dots: 
  • Display type-color TFT display with LED backlight; 
  • Printer – 8 dots/mm across the paper, 64 dots/mm along the paper with speed 25 mm/sec; 
  • Paper speed – 5,10,25,50 m/sec; 
  • Filters – muscles tremors 35 Hz digital; power line interferences 50-60 Hz and anti drift; 
  • Possibility to switch off the volume of R – interval and keyboard; 
  • Heart rate (HR) range up to 300 bpm; 
  • Indication of electrode disconnection; 
  • Possibility to print and display alphabetic and digital information; 
  • Protection against defibrillation; 
  • Detection of pacemaker signals;
  • Dimensions: 250x174x63 mm 
  • Weight – 1,2 kg

Power supply:

  • AC 220 V, 50 Hz, 
  • DC 12 V-16 V 
  • from the built-in Li-ion battery (up to 100 ECG);

Нажимая на кнопку «Отправить», вы даете согласие на обработку персональных данных

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Нажимая на кнопку «Отправить», вы даете согласие на обработку персональных данных

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Disposal ECG electrodes Skintact, by LENARD LANG GmbH, Austria.

Thermal paper (110 mm, 1 z-fold)

Reusable Chest Electrodes (6 chest electrodes)

ECG gel

Thermal paper (110 mm, 1 roll)

Reusable сlamp Electrodes (4 clamp electrodes)

ECG cabel

Working modes (see the brochure): 

Automatic mode:
ECG recording without printing (ECG fragment record in to the memory lasting for 10-40 sec);

  • 4 groups by 3 leads with user define duration; 
  • 2 groups by 6 leads with user define duration; 
  • 4 groups by 3 leads with user define duration + 1 continuous lead (rhythm);

In automatic mode leads are printed according to the chosen system of leads: standard leads, Nebh, Cabrera or Frank leads. User can choose optional lead’s printing order with printing time 3, 5, 10 sec. or 100, 200 mm (1 or 2 pages).

Manual mode:

In manual mode those leads are printed, that are currently displayed on the screen of ECG machine in the same size as they are displayed.

Information output mode (to PC):

  • Via USB-port of the internal memory;
  • Through an external FLASH-memory;
  • Wireless input via COM-BLUETOOTH adapter;
  • The ability to use a computer electrocardiograph ECG mode with COM-port module;

Operating mode with built-in GSM module: See Brochure

Technical and commercial information is tentative and may be changed without notice. Please, specify before your order.